Morning Comments; Tuesday, January 29th, 2019
MaxYield Cooperative - SETZ - Tue Jan 29, 5:51AM CST

Grains are trading mixed on the overnight session.

Grains remain quiet and in the same ranges, they have been stuck in the past few weeks. Corn exports are remaining positive, as they are 300 million bushels ahead of this time last year and 157 million bushels ahead of the pace needed to meet the USDA’s yearly projection. There could be some shock and awe when USDA releases the delayed export sales numbers for the past few weeks. No word on if those reports will be combined into one, or broken out into several. The results are the same, just how the markets may react to larger than normal “one time” numbers.

As day-to-day government operations resume, we are starting to get bits and pieces when market reports will be available. The EPA said in a statement Monday would be able to implement the E15 rule in time for summer gasoline usage. The January S&D report will take place on February 8th, the date of the planned February report. The commitment of traders will be released today, but uncertainty on positions held as of what date.

Progress on trade negotiations possibly coming the later in the week as a Chinese delegation will be in Washington D.C. to meet with U.S. officials. Some speculation as China’s economy has weakened if they will cave on IP theft and forced technology transfer or continue to offer to buy more U.S. good to move the issue further down the road.

Market movers: Continued reaction to Chinese trade negotiations and weather forecasts.

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